Thursday, May 8, 2008

The " Red Knights"

These are my sons space marines.
These represent the grey knights,
but he calls them the red knights .
Joey, uses them as a fast attack option. Chapter name is "Sons of Light"

Squad Manasseh 2nd company

Squad Manasseh, has seven men in the squad. This is my son's favorite unit. The vetern sgt is refered to as Joseph the mighty. Joey really likes the name of his vetern sgt.

More pictures of Squad Manasseh

Antignous the one eye Tarentine cavalry

A nice little unit, of old glory cavalry. Six figures are shown, but ten are in the unit. Antignous was suppose to have 2200 at the battle of Paraitakene.

Antignoid pantodapoi phalangites

A 40 man unit, that I use as Antignoid pantodapoi phalangites. More than 8000 fought for Antignous at the battle of Paraitakene. All figures are by Foundry.

Baktrian Phalangites

Something different here, these are late successor phalangites. A nicely painted unit by Fernado painting service. Pikeman are Essex and two foundry officers.

Antignoid veteran macedonians

By far my most beloved unit. Dont know why but they just are. They are a mix of figuers new line, old glory and foundry.

More Macedonians Veterans

Antignoid Macedonians Phalangities

A mixture of foundry figures. At the battle of Paraitakene Antigonus had 8000 of these troopers.

More Macedonians Phalangites

Monday, May 5, 2008

Macedonian War Elephant

The early successors did not have towers on the elephant. elephant by essex. elephant escorts are from foundry.